Gastronomic Digitalisation

With the trending online digital innovations, the following are few upcoming in-store digital innovations that are believed to transform the course of customer experience and Conventional marketing practices in food and retail sectors. digital food for thought..

Where is food with the digital world?

Where is food with the digital world? With the boom of the internet and arrival of smartphones, one of the many industries that were transformed is food and dining. The influx of food aggregators and delivery apps have created a disruption in the traditional market, drastically transforming the lifestyle of urban consumers. Many players, many... Continue Reading →

A Praise Poem for Women-2014

Women so full of love, with a heart so kind Created so beautifully by Gods own hands. A mother so divine A sister spreading the smile, A friend needed in time, A teacher molding my life, Caring and loving as a beautiful wife, Tenderly leading in my old times,With arms so strong that can lift... Continue Reading →

After all- 2013

God has his way's of teaching life, he made us all After all, we are his chosen ones we are human's made in his image to journey this earth. Time has its way of moving life, after all, we are travelers , Parents have the way of bringing us up, after all, we are their... Continue Reading →

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